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SEO Services for San Antonio Small Businesses

“We began our business relationship with Blue Corona in December 2015. They were highly recommended by a personal friend of mine that works in the advertising industry and also had heard excellent things about Blue Corona. I began the process with Sean Coleman and we worked diligently on putting a plan together that would be mutually beneficial for Greens and Blue Corona. Sean was extremely professional, knowledgeable and fun to work with. Now I do have to say this – we are located in Orlando, Florida and a face to face meeting was not in the deck of cards for us and time was not in our favor as we had to make a final decision quickly on what internet marketing company we wanted to move forward with. Blue Corona was my 9th meeting – I was searching for a company that wanted to be our business partner and really invest in our future. We wanted to genuinely feel that from a company who was looking out for our best interest and become a long time partner of ours. I felt this from Sean and Blue Corona. After he spent many hours working on a proposal that fit our needs, we were ready to move forward and make a decision. It was glaringly obvious that Blue Corona would be an excellent business partner and help us with our growth goals. Once we signed off on our contract, our account was transferred to Bailey Stoner who is our Account Manager. I have to be honest, Sean had set the bar so high and we knew that it may be a little bit of a challenge for Bailey to fill those shoes. I was wrong. I was so very wrong about this and I am thankful that I was! Bailey has far exceeded our expectations as far as account management. She is a joy to work with and genuinely cares. She is very knowledgeable about internet marketing, always available to jump on a call when we need to review items and excellent at follow up. The transition from Sean to Bailey was seamless and they didn’t skip a beat. They have done an exceptional job with our results thus far in just under 1 year. I am so grateful for Sean, Bailey and the team at Blue Corona – they have truly become a partner with Greens and we are looking forward to what the future holds! I am so thankful that we took the time in searching long and hard for an internet marketing partner – it was well worth the effort and I have confidence that it will pay off in so many ways for Greens and Blue Corona! ”

- Jill Francoforte
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