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Pay-Per-Click Advertising for Electricians

Drive traffic & get leads with a Google Ads or Microsoft Advertising campaign

When homeowners need wiring installed or an outlet replaced, they go where we all go to find information: A search engine. Pay-per-click ads are your foot in the door with homeowners in need.

  • Sick of missing out on jobs because you don’t show up in search results?
  • Need more leads to fill up your sales appointment calendar?
  • Tired of revenue always falling short of your goals?

Be the first call homeowners make when they want a ceiling fan installed, an electrical panel upgraded, or a circuit breaker replaced.

See Results with a Targeted PPC Campaign

Show up every time a Local homeowner searches for electrical services

Blue Corona’s PPC advertising for electricians and electrical contractors puts you directly in front of homeowners who are actively searching for local electric services.

Our proven approach to electrician PPC campaigns drives qualified traffic while reducing your cost per lead.

We’re not like ordinary ad agencies. Yes, we’re a PPC agency for electricians, but we’re more like a lead-generating, revenue-boosting partner in digital marketing.

  • Blue Corona has a long, proven record of helping electricians & electrical contractors maximize their ROI from pay-per-click campaigns.
  • We are a Google Premier Partner, a distinction reserved for the top 3% of all North American Google partners.
  • We’re a Microsoft Advertising Partner, too – we expand your online footprint to maximize visibility in the places where homeowners conduct their searches.

We specialize in full-service digital marketing for electricians & electrical contractors –let your marketing channels work better together with Blue Corona.

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How PPC Advertising Solves Electrician Marketing Challenges

Our process for electrician PPC is similar to our approach to electrician marketing in general: TRACK > TEST > TWEAK > REPEAT. Simply put, you can’t maximize what you fail to measure and track. Better data equals better results.

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illustration of Google PPC results shown on a laptop

1Increase Website Traffic

Be the first electrician website local homeowners visit when they need an electric panel upgrade or a standby home generator installed. Blue Corona’s electrician PPC campaigns drive qualified traffic to your website fast. Pinpoint targeting means your ads reach the right audience at exactly the right time.

2Generate Qualified Leads

Grow your electrical business with qualified, transaction-ready homeowners leads. PPC is an effective, proven method to reach homeowners who need wiring service NOW.

3Grow Revenue

Need to sell more panel heavy-ups? Book more ceiling fan installs? From lighting fixture installations to whole-home rewiring, a PPC campaign can boost sales and increase revenue. Your dedicated Blue Corona PPC team builds your PPC ad campaign around the electrical services that drive revenue and matter most to your business.

4 Optimize Marketing Costs

The #1 mistake electricians make when running their own PPC campaigns is paying too much for leads. With professional PPC management by Blue Corona, you can get more leads and a lower cost per lead. Your ad spend goes farther, delivering a better ROI. Quit paying more than your competitors for PPC traffic and leads – there’s a better way!

5Differentiate Your Brand

Homeowners have lots of choices when looking for an electrician. PPC lets you tailor your message to stand out in the crowd. Speak to your ideal customer’s biggest pain point—let our electrician advertising specialists craft ad copy that makes your company the clear choice for electrical services in your local market.

Overview of Our Electrician PPC Services

A tested, proven approach to pay-per-click that delivers more leads at a lower cost per lead.

Keyword Research

We begin your electrician search marketing campaign with detailed keyword research. By tapping into our exclusive electrical contracting PPC data, we can unearth keyword insights not available to other PPC agencies. Our PPC experts analyze historical data on search volumes, competition, conversion rates, and other metrics to target the high-performing keywords that will drive results.

Campaign Strategy

Your PPC strategy includes a data-driven set up of the campaigns and Ad Groups that make up your advertising account. Keywords are mapped to their corresponding Ad Groups. We optimize budgets across campaigns, define a bid strategy, and dial in audience targeting. Every aspect of your electrician PPC campaign is optimized for maximum performance.

PPC Landing Pages

Your dedicated PPC specialists and web developers collaborate to create a PPC landing page experience that converts visitors into leads. For the best results, we align your brand message from end to end, from keyword to ad copy to landing page to CTA (call to action). We monitor landing page performance, looking for opportunities to improve pages or adjusting ads to feature more effective landing pages.

Pay-Per-Click Management

Blue Corona is the electrician pay-per-click agency that dedicates an experienced PPC specialist to manage your campaign from start to finish. Your PPC specialist analyzes campaigns daily and makes regular adjustments for continuous performance improvement. We also monitor other local HVAC companies to stay abreast of changes to the competitive landscape in your market.

A/B Split Testing

We experiment with ad copy, landing pages and promotions to determine which variations deliver the most conversions. We combine this A/B split testing with our exclusive access to electrician pay-per-click data, which gives us one-of-a-kind insights into the most effective electrician PPC advertising strategies.

Conversion Rate Optimization

As part of our PPC management service, we recommend special offers that resonate with homeowners to convert more visitors to leads. We also recommend credibility builders to boost conversion rates. Our data-driven CRO strategies improve return on ad spend (ROAS) and help your PPC budget go further.

Google Ads & Microsoft Advertising Management

Get more leads by advertising on Google Ads and Microsoft Advertising. Let us set up your Google and Microsoft ad campaigns the right way.

Electrician Marketing Tips & Resources

The Ultimate Electrician Marketing Plan

With the right combination of online marketing strategies for electricians, we can help create a self-sustaining flow of quality leads and booked jobs that will not only boost your bottom line, but also establish you as THE authority in your market. Wondering how to market your electrical contracting business online? Follow these 11 electrician digital marketing strategies with the help of Blue Corona.

PPC Terms & Definitions

One of the challenges of PPC advertising – for small business owners and marketing executives alike – is keeping up with all the new lingo. The PPC experts at Blue Corona have assembled this definitions list in order to help you better understand the lay of the land so that you can make more intelligent decisions.

Intro to Paid Search Marketing: A Beginner’s Guide

Online advertising isn’t simple. You’ve got a staggering amount of options—paid social media marketing, paid videos, display advertising, and the list goes on from there. It can all be a little overwhelming for business owners and marketers, so if that’s you—you’re not alone. We break down what paid search marketing is, the benefits of these ads, and how a great paid search strategy can increase leads and sales.



Frequently Asked Questions

How much does PPC cost for electricians?

Steer clear of agencies that say “The average cost per click for electrician keywords in Google Ads is between $1 and $2.” With their pricing, that sentence alone would cost you a bunch of money.

First, only a sucker pays the “average” cost per click. The so-called “average” cost per click is designed with one goal: Get you to spend more money. Our approach to campaign management gets you leads at the best cost per click, not the average CPL.

Second, click costs vary dramatically from market to market, depending on the level of competition in the auction. We manage your ad spend to maximize performance in your local market.

Finally, your cost per click may fluctuate depending on your goal. For example, if you want to maximize leads, you may be willing to pay more per click. On the other hand, if you care more about the best possible cost per lead, you might bid lower for clicks. Our PPC specialists are experts at finding the sweet spot based on your lead generation goals and your cost-per-lead tolerance.

Do PPC ads work for electricians?

The top half of the search results page is dominated by PPC ads for electricians. Google Local Services ads appear on the top and traditional pay-per-click search ads for local electricians appear underneath. And guess what? People actually click on paid ads. In fact, 75% of people say paid search ads make it easier to find the information they are looking for online.

What are the best electrician keywords for PPC?

In the past 12 months there have been almost 1.5 million online searches for electrician keywords. Phrases like “electrician near me” or “local electrician in [city]” are popular, of course, but don’t overlook super-specific keywords like “electrician to install chandelier on vaulted ceiling.” Niche keywords often have high conversion rates, shorter sales cycles, and a lower cost per click. Our approach keyword targeting ensures you show up for relevant electrician searches, even when the homeowner uses a phrase that’s never been typed before.

How do I get the Google Guaranteed badge on my ads?

Your business can become a Google Guaranteed electrician and earn a Google badge to give you extra credibility with homeowners. You can apply for the Google Guaranteed program after signing up for Local Services Ads. Google will check your business license, insurance and customer reviews. They’ll also perform a background check of employees (at no cost to you). Blue Corona can help answer your questions about getting the Google Guaranteed badge for electricians and electrical contractors.

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Contractor Earns A 794% Return On Ad Spend

What Makes Blue Corona Different

Our goal is to be the best analytical, data-driven online marketing and PPC company on the planet! Unlike other PPC companies, we operate from the perspective of a business owner (our account managers have gotten to know more about business than most “paid search gurus” will ever know—call us and see).

We strive to provide superior service by offering the following to all our electrician PPC clients:

  • A dedicated Account Manager, someone who understands business and paid search, to be your guide
  • Detailed monthly reports (you can actually understand) that connect PPC performance to your bottom line
  • A support team that includes an analyst, web designer/developer, and a dedicated professional copywriter
  • Access to our proprietary analytics software because better data drives better results

Our Happy Clients

I would 100% recommend Blue Corona to any new, aspiring HVAC, plumbing, electrical service, home services type business that is looking to expand the footprint of Internet marketing truly because the sense of, they're not like your every other internet marketing company. They're not going to sell you a bill of goods and over-promise and under-deliver. They're going to under-promise and over-deliver.

Ross Albert, Owner
Arctic Air Conditioning

There's been plenty of times where we would sit back and look at things and go, "Hey, you know what? That's probably the best decision we made in a long time." I would definitely recommend [Blue Corona] to other service companies because I want to see how other people like me and my family here at work succeed.

Bill McManigal, Sales & Marketing Manager
Blind & Sons

"Blue Corona has been our marketing agency for over a year now. They have provided great services and strategies for accelerating our business growth. Most importantly, they are willing and able to adapt our marketing strategy to help us succeed in our industry. Our account manager has been awesome! She is and has been such an asset to Reliable Power Systems."

De’Tavius Ross,
Reliable Power Systems

"Since working with Blue Corona our lead quality and profitability have skyrocketed! They give you advice on what is best for you rather what would line their own pockets. I have also been impressed by the quality of services (ad copy, amazing web design) and constant communication and tracking Blue Corona offers. Our account manager is truly a pleasure to work with. She is great at setting expectations and delivering results. I have worked with many marketing agencies and have...

Tracy Valgento,
Penguin Air, Plumbing & Electrical

"We have been partnering with Blue Corona for a couple of years now, and we are very pleased with the results. From the initial phase of learning our company's challenges and needs to the development of an effective online marketing strategy, working with the entire BC team has been a pleasure. The results have been tangible, and we're seeing an increase in leads and website visits across the board. One important asset BC brings to the table is their team's...

Michael DiFabion,
DiFabion Remodeling

"I’m very happy with the progress of Blue Corona’s SEO and pay-per-click campaigns for my garage door business. Blue Corona has helped improve our online visibility and generate more leads."

Bill McCormick,
Overhead Door of Indianapolis

"I've been with Blue Corona for over a year now. Hands down one of the best decisions I made for my business. The improvements they've made to my website, SEO, and general lead flow are so much better than previous companies I've worked with. One of the main reasons I chose them is they made decisions based on data and facts. Everything we do is measurable and they hold themselves accountable to the goals we collectively established. While all of...

Brian Zimmerman,
Zen Windows – Charlotte

"The switch to Blue Corona for our digital marketing needs was the best switch our team ever could have made. Our account manager is the best. She and her team are constantly staying a step ahead of industry trends and keeping us informed of best practices for our brand. We have seen tremendous results in a short time since beginning our partnership with Blue Corona, and we look forward to a long and fruitful relationship with their phenomenal team."

Raven Love,
Robin Aire

"I work for an Ohio HVAC, plumbing, electric, and indoor air quality company. Blue Corona has been nothing but helpful. We've used their services for several years and never had any issues. They've helped us improve PPC, SEO, social media, Local Services ads, and anything in between. I would 100% recommend using their services."

Jenell Marsek,
Blind & Sons

"Blue Corona has proven to be an integral marketing partner for our team. They handled our website revamp, as well as have continued to work with us to optimize our SEO, create campaigns, and evaluate our lead volume. Not only have we appreciated their professionalism, but we are so thankful for their assistance in facilitating our online growth."

Jennifer Jacob,
Jacob Heating & Air Conditioning
7595 Rickenbacker Drive
Gaithersburg, MD 20879