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Social Media Marketing for Contractors

“Is social media marketing beneficial for contractors?”

This is one of the most common questions we get from contractors, and the answer is a very enthusiastic YES.

Social media marketing isn’t just for big brands, restaurants, and clothing lines.  Every contracting business can benefit from building social media profiles and testing social media marketing campaigns. Why?

  • 81% of consumers say their purchasing habits are influenced by recommendations and posts from friends on social media
  • Social media is regularly used by 90% of young adults and 77% of adults aged 30-49.[1]
  • Social media is the second-most effective digital marketing tactic for customer retention, behind only email.[2]
  • 71% of consumers are more likely to purchase an item or service based on social media referrals
  • 74% of consumers rely on social media to make a purchase decision
  • Platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Pinterest allow you to target customers that have already indicated they might be in the market for contracting services.

Contrary to what some business owners believe, social media websites can generate a significant number of leads, sales, and referrals to your website. In fact, Blue Corona’s largest client ever was a lead that came in from Facebook!

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Our Social Media Marketing Process for Contractors

Our process for social is similar to our approach to marketing in general: TRACK > TEST > TWEAK > REPEAT. Simply put, you can’t maximize what you fail to measure and track. Better data equals better results.


  • Completing a market analysis of your service areas and industry
  • Finding local competitors currently outperforming you in audience size and engagement
  • Analyzing content and messaging that performs well in your industry


  • Researching content that has high engagement with your audience
  • Posting and scheduling regular posts
  • Monitoring engagement and interaction


  • Creating custom audiences to best target your company and brand
  • Creating copy and imagery for high-performing social ads
  • Split-testing ad copy
  • Reporting and improving paid social ads


  • Tracking your audience and reach
  • Tracking engagement rates
  • Tracking click-through-rate and leads
  • Tracking your ROI on paid social campaigns


  • Managing and tweaking parameters for each campaign
  • Monitoring engagement and interaction from customer base
  • Monitoring engagement, leads, and sales from campaigns
  • Building your audience across appropriate social channels

6Advanced Email Marketing Strategies

  • Marketing automation
  • Customer retention email
  • Win-back email campaigns
  • And more!

Why Should Your Contracting Business Invest in Social Media Marketing Services?

We get it; paying someone to post on Facebook and Twitter can seem like a waste of valuable time and company resources. But in reality, a comprehensive social media strategy for contractors—one that actually works to drive brand awareness and engage clients and prospects—takes expertise, time, and data-driven analyses. What goes into creating your personalized social media strategy?

  • Thorough research into the desired goal
  • In-depth fact-finding on your target audience
  • Creation of custom audiences for paid social media advertising
  • Geo-targeted settings specific to your service area
  • Custom social media posts tailored to different social media outlets
  • Implementation of standard website coding and plugins to make posts social-media friendly
  • Creation of custom images to stand out and draw the attention of your target audience
  • Coordination of social media posts and advertisements across different channels
  • Regular engagement with social media audience
  • Weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly reporting on results
  • And more!

facebook use for contractor marketing

Do you want to advertise where your customers are spending their time? Then social media advertising is for you.

Whether you need help setting up and optimizing your social media campaigns or you’d like to know where you can improve your existing campaigns, Blue Corona can help.

Our social media services for contractors include:

Social Media Campaign Management

The social media campaigns we run for contractors are extremely tailored by exact geographic region, home ownership, and other secret ingredients. This recipe allows us to target consumers that are the most likely to need your services.  At Blue Corona, our social media specialists will develop baseline data to better determine which social media platforms are producing the lowest cost per lead and the highest return on ad spend. We can help you track and test paid social media campaigns, including:

  • Facebook advertising – Did you know the average Facebook user only sees about 8% of what’s in their Newsfeed? Contractors that use Facebook advertising can expect to see more brand recognition, engagement with project photos, and an increase in leads and website visits. We can target your audience based on interests, demographics, purchase habits, geography and countless more attributes. We are also able to control how much you pay per click or pay per mille (cost per 1000 impressions).
  • Houzz for businesses – Houzz is a great way for contractors to connect with customers who need contracting work done on their homes. Houzz Pro+, the network’s paid platform, allows you to increase your photos and visibility, get more insights about your profile, and choose multiple categories and service areas. Check out our Houzz Infographic or Houzz case study, where we helped one remodeler increase their Houzz visits by 378%!
  • Twitter campaigns – Our Twitter campaigns for contractors focus on pushing out unique, tailored content to catch your existing client base and attract new brand loyalty. Our social media experts can create similar paid campaigns as they do for Facebook. Additionally, Twitter allows a maximum daily budget and maximum cost per action.
  • YouTube advertising – YouTube is the second largest search engine and has a larger adult audience than any cable network. Unlike television, you can target your ad only to your target audience. Plus, advertising on YouTube is as easy as connecting it to your AdWords account.
  • LinkedIn campaigns – LinkedIn Ads allows contractors to engage with B2B customers. There are two paying options in LinkedIn Ads—cost per click or cost per mille (cost per 1000 impressions).
  • And more – We can also help you test ads on platforms like Google+, Pinterest, and Instagram. In competitive industries, we often find that the typical cost per interaction is cheaper than Google AdWords and Bing Ads!


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  • Social media analytics and reporting – Before you begin social media marketing, it’s crucial to put proper tracking in place. Our custom social media analytics provide clients with valuable insights into the communities around their brand. From overall community demographics to engagement reports that show how successful specific campaigns are playing out, our reports help business owners more specifically target their marketing message.
  • Brand monitoring – If your customers are online, there’s a good chance they are talking about your business! Through review sites and social networks, customers are expressing their opinions of businesses both positively and negatively. Keep on top of what people are saying about your company through Blue Corona’s state of the art monitoring tools! We’ll continually monitor the web for any new mentions of your company on blogs, review sites, or social networks.
  • Reputation Management – Managing your online reputation is one of the most important marketing strategies you can employ! Negative comments and reviews can hurt your search engine rankings and they can be damaging to your ability to attract new clients. Actively engaging your customers and your reviews online will allow your business to stay ahead of the news and control how your company is perceived.

Will Social Media Improve Your Contracting Company’s SEO?

Below is a snippet from Moz ranking factors. The survey shows that social media for contractors—especially Facebook—really correlates to search results.

Facebook likes and shares influence rankings—just not in the way we think of a traditional ranking. Simply getting more likes and shares isn’t going to make a direct result—but it means you’re attacking your web marketing strategy in a successful way. Millennials use social media more than any other platform to gain insight on companies, and as they age, will continue to use social media to influence purchases. The time is now to get going on it.

What Makes Us Different

Blue Corona is much more than an SEO or social media company—we truly see ourselves as a web marketing partner to your business. We market your business as if it were our own—meaning we strive to truly understand your services, products, sales process, competitors, industry, and markets to effectively market your company on the web, all while tracking and measurably justifying your investment in our online marketing services.

Although we service all industries, we have extensive experience helping small to medium sized contracting companies get more leads and sales from the web. Sign up for a free social media analysis or call us today and we’ll refer you to our happy social media clients!

[1] Pew Research Center

[2] TNW


842% Increase In Facebook Page Likes

What Makes Blue Corona Different

Our goal is to be the best analytical, data-driven online marketing and social media marketing company on the planet! Unlike other social marketing companies, we operate from the perspective of a business owner (our account managers have gotten to know more about business than most “social gurus” will ever know—call us and see).

We strive to provide superior service by offering the following to all our social media marketing clients:

  • A dedicated Account Manager, someone that understands business and social media, to be your guide
  • Detailed monthly reports (you can actually understand) that connect social performance to your bottom line
  • A support team that includes an analyst, web designer/developer, and a dedicated professional copywriter
  • Access to our proprietary analytics software (better data drives better results)

Our Happy Clients

“"Before working with Blue Corona, our website was old and basic... it really didn't match the image we wanted to portray in the market. We ended up choosing Blue Corona because they impressed us with their thorough research and understanding of our needs and our culture. The big benefit for us throughout the process was their ability to leverage their team's experience when we had an idea of what we wanted to do but didn't really know how to implement...”

Phil Key, President
Ruppert Landscape

“"This has by far been the best return on investment I’ve ever seen. This has opened up another door for revenue to come in. My website has turned into my best sales rep. The company markets itself!" My account manager presents all the information in a way that I can understand. She always takes my calls. She responds to my emails in a timely fashion. She helps me come up with new ideas. She is outstanding! Blue Corona provides results....”

Mark Hill, President
PVI Office Furniture Plus

“"We trust our support team at Blue Corona completely and quite frankly are involved in very little of what they do for us. They truly understand SEO and what is needed to make it work. I would say this has been the most valuable aspect of working with Blue Corona. They do so with little to no effort on our part, which allows our sales managers to focus on sales rather than SEO tasks and education. For all of these...”

Mark Gandy, Sales Manager
Bath, Kitchen and Tile Center

“"Blue Corona measures and tracks my website and all my advertising so I know exactly what is working and what needs to be re-evaluated.  They break down the data into actionable insights and clear takeaways. Before I hired them, I was getting 3 property management leads per month. Today, as a direct result of their SEO work and pay-per-click expertise, I receive over 25 leads per month and my cost per lead has actually gone down!" Rory Coakley founded Coakley...”

Rory Coakley, President
Coakley Realty

“Blue Corona's expertise in search engine optimization is directly responsible for driving the increase in monthly visits to our web site, producing many telephone inquiries and visits to our showroom.”

Larry Rosen, President
Jack Rosen Custom Kitchens

“I used to get a couple of form submissions a year—and it was all spam. Now, we’re getting leads—and they’re qualified! You can find an SEO company anywhere. With Blue Corona, you get an account rep that’s there for you. I know there’s somebody looking out for our website and helping us grow.”

Aaron Hebert, Corporate Development
Action Restoration

“Our phones are ringing more and our guys are busier ever since we signed up with Blue Corona to handle our marketing. We look forward to our monthly updates and are excited to see the numbers each month of how we are doing. It is especially nice to see now when we are experiencing a lot of pressure from our competitors to try and take our customers.  It’s nice to take these amazing numbers to our manager and show him...”

Amanda Murdock, Office Coordinator
IBP Tulsa


Eric Borkowski, Senior Sales Manager
Ehlers Heating & Air Conditioning


Mark Hill, Owner
PVI Office Furniture


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Greens Energy Services
7595 Rickenbacker Drive
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