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Say Goodbye to the Off-Season and Hello to More Leads

Metro DC Moving Company Sees 240% Increase in Off-Season Leads With SEO

The moving industry has always been seasonal, which is exactly where our client ran into trouble. While the DC area moving company had a healthy business model and top-notch customer service, they couldn’t keep the momentum going through the colder months.

The business owner knew his digital presence—or lack thereof—was damaging his company’s potential to be a dominant contender in the market area. Previously, he had tried pay per click advertising and adding content to his website, but the strategy just wasn’t there. He ended up losing more money than he invested and knew he needed a change. Based on our reputation for getting leads in seemingly impossible circumstances, the business owner chose Blue Corona to overhaul his content marketing strategy and build up his off-season leads.

Boy, did we deliver. Download the case study below to see the results!

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